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EDNEs - Emergency Do Not Enter

Many situations arise where there is a need to prevent people from entering an area during an emergency. For example; during a Fire Alarm, staff or the public in linked buildings of a complex would be warned of the situation, so reducing the risk of injury. A similar requirement can arise for incidents such as chemical contamination, machinery use or security control. Emergency - Do Not Enter (EDNE) signs can be used in these applications.

Illuminated Warning Signs

Keeping staff and public informed of any emergency is an important aspect of building safety. Fire Alarms, Bomb Alerts, Chemical Spillage or Moving machinery can all be a reason to restrict the access to an area. There is also an increasing requirement to consider the needs of audibly-impaired occupants, and this results in a wider use of visual alarm units in Fire and safety systems. PSS offer a solution to these problems using a variety of EDNE indicating units.

Pre-Designated Warnings

Where the type of risk can be anticipated, the signs can be supplied with a pre-determined text fascia, in many styles. The simple approach uses a sign which has a simple message, and which illuminates when required. More sophisticated units can have 'hidden-til-lit' messages, and optionally can have flashing indicators to draw attention to the event.


This feature is useful for signs in public areas, where the warning message should be concealed under normal operation. When not activated, the front panel appears to be black and is unobtrusive. However, when activated, the warning message is clearly visible (usually in red.)

Special Wording

The standard EDNE units are available with the most frequently required wording (FIRE ALARM - DO NOT ENTER). They can also be supplied with custom wording to suit specific installations. For the hidden-til-lit versions, the hidden colour can be red, amber, green or blue. The simpler units can have text in almost any colour, on the opal background.

Power Supplies

The units are usually fitted with a PSU/charger to operate the unit, while also charging and monitoring the standby battery for use during mains failure. Optionally, the units can run directly from 12v or 24v.

Moving Message Displays

For a more sophisticated application, the Moving Message display might be required. Designed for high visibility use, the display can show many different warnings and alarms. With built-in text, the unit can link to any system, displaying one (or more) pre-programmed text messages. For standalone use, the relevant message can be selected using a number of switch inputs, or using a serial connection. When linked with the FireQuest or Supernet products, the text message can be generated from the control panel, and networked to these displays on a data connection.

Special Requirements

The EDNE and Moving Message displays can be customised. Specific wording can be supplied, and the unit can be manufactured in a variety of finishes such as stainless-steel, brass, chrome, or most BS and RAL paint colours. Special size enclosures can also be manufactured, for surface or flush mounting.