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Fire Panels - 1-2 Loop Panels

The Firequest has been designed for installers who need a comprehensively-equipped control panel, which can cope with any cause and effect requirement, and be versatile enough to meet the most demanding of specifications. Modular and reliable, with full peer-to-peer networking capability, the Firequest is the first choice for installers who deal with high-quality installations.

Key Features


For future expansion or more complex systems, Firequest panels can be connected together using Supernet. In fact any mix of panels from the Firequest family can be connected together on the network. Supernet is a Peer-to-Peer Networking system that can provide site-wide data monitoring solutions for both Fire and Plant Alarm I/O. In its simplest form the Supernet interface can be built into the Firequest Panel allowing up to 32 panels to be interconnected, with information about any panel and device available to all panels on the network. Supernet can be expanded to include PC Graphics Displays, Mimics, Supernet Controllers for remote control and display, and Data Multiplexers for plant wide I/O.

Installation and Commissioning

Installing and commissioning any Firequest Panel could not be easier, having been designed to keep on site time to a minimum. Off-line configuration of the system can be achieved remotely using the BACKFIRE PC Configuration program. This allows the configuration of all functions including the loop devices, their 40 character messages and cause and effect logic. The configuration data can then be downloaded into the panel. The 'Quick Commission' feature is an 'Auto-Learn' function that automatically configures all the loop devices and is a useful tool for testing partially or fully wired loops before full commissioning. Each Firequest Panel has sophisticated built in 'Engineering Loop Diagnostic Tests' for identifying difficult loop or device faults.