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Network - Graphics System

Supernet Central

The Graphics Editor is used to build up the site maps/drawings and overlay zones & data points that are displayed in Supernet Central. The Editor uses existing hardware configuration data, such as the data created by the Backfire Program for the FireQuest Fire Panels, as the source for its remote I/O data. These data points can then be mapped to points on the drawings producing interactive graphical display data that is used by Supernet Central.

Supernet Alarm Satellite

The Supernet Alarm Satellite is a program that runs on remote terminal (PC) and connects to Supernet Central via a network. The network connection utilises the TCP/IP Protocol enabling the satellite terminals to be located on LANs or to be remotely connected by telephone lines or the Internet. It provides a simple dedicated display for remote operators to view and acknowledge alarms, without the need for the Supernet Central software or Supernet Controller hardware to be installed.